Welcome to our store.  Everything for sale here has been graciously donated by caring individuals who realized that others could make use of these items.  There is everything here from furniture to books, gift-ware to jewellery, foot-ware to clothing for all occasions and seasons.  The pictures on this page are examples only.  Many of the items have been sold before they were even published here.  That's how fast things move.  And why not?  You wouldn't believe the low prices you'll find at the Sharing Club Store.  It's worth it to drop in weekly.  Our hours are 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, Monday to Friday.


    We couldn't survive without the help of the many volunteers who give us their time to sort, price and display the stock that's available.  Here are just a few of these joyful souls.

Annette Morgan

Retail Operations



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The Sussex Sharing Club's purpose is to supply food to families who find themselves going through a difficult time.  We provide a 7 day supply of groceries for 3 meals a day per family.

In addition to our regular food supply, we provide school supplies for all grade levels.  We also purchase hot meal tickets for elementary age children and recess snacks are given out each month with their groceries.  Our goal is to see no child go to school hungry.

In addition to this, we run a second-hand store (the Sussex Sharing Shop) that is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC MONDAY TO FRIDAY, 10:00 AM TO 3:00 PM local time.

The money from our store pays our expenses and enables us to purchase any necessary food items needed monthly as well as start any new programs that would help our clients move ahead with their lives.