Preparation to participate and assist will be demonstrated by:

1. Actual works and/or constructive verbal input with the purpose of enhancing the programs and activities of THE SUSSEX SHARING CLUB.

2. Willingness to work as a unified body, in harmony with each other, adhering to biblical principles of conduct.

3. Being respectful to both clients and other members.


1. Member must be in good standing, demonstrating activity in the ongoin operation of THE SUSSEX SHARING CLUB.

2. A member in good standing will have demonstrated activity , in a continuous manner, over a long period of time, with a minimum time of one (1) year.

3. This involvement can be, but not restricted to any of the following: (1) hands on work on premises during hours of operation, (2) working in committees, under the direction of Director, (3) financial contributions on a regular, consistent basis, (4) providing transportation of clients to SUSSEX SHARING CLUB on a voluntary basis (as opposed to being a part of a government or agency job), (5) transporting food to clients on a volunteer basis (same as #4), (6)business owner or manager who contributes in various forms, (7) transporting food from other Food Banks and suppliers to SUSSEX SHARING CLUB.

4. All Directors ad Administrator will be responsible for knowing to members and deciding who is a member in good standing.

5. The decision in regard as to who is a board member in good standing belongs to the Board of Directors and is final.

6. Nominations for Director position may be made from the floor at the Annual Meeting.  Member must be in good standing to be nominated. Member putting for the the nomination must give reason for selection.  The nominee must be willing to let their name stand and there must be a second.  After nominations are closed, each person nominated will be given two (2) minutes to introduce themselves and inform the members at large of their involvement in THE SUSSEX SHARING CLUB.

7. Voting will be by secret ballot.  Ballots will be counted by two (2) members and at the discretion of board an overseer may also be assigned.  Unused ballots are to be destroyed prior to count of votes.  The results will be given to the President who will inform the members of the results.

8. Founding member(s) will be permanent Directors.

9. A majority vote by the Board of Directors will install an Administrator from the Board.  The Administrator's position will be permanent, not subject to election, but subject to vote of Board of Directors.

10. Board of Directors may, by a majority vote, replace the administrator and her assistant if their performance of duties is neglectful, sporadic, or not in the best interest of THE SUSSEX SHARING CLUB.

11. All directors/members will be subject to dismissal for: (1) illegal activities, (2) immoral conduct (according to biblical principles), (3) violation of governing rules of SUSSEX SHARING CLUB, NEW BRUNSWICK ASSOCIATION OF FOOD BANKS OR ASSOCIATION OF FOOD BANKS.

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Alfie Smith

     Vice President     

Executive Committee


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Ed Murray


Shirley Adair


Angela Murray


Lois King


Privacy Officer

Board Members


Ruth Boyce  

Ann Leland

Joan MacFee

Brenda Lee Morrell

Bud Thompson

Missing from photos are Ron Lucas and Rob Trafton


The Sussex Sharing Club's purpose is to supply food to families who find themselves going through a difficult time.  We provide a 7 day supply of groceries for 3 meals a day per family.

In addition to our regular food supply, we provide school supplies for all grade levels.  We also purchase hot meal tickets for elementary age children and recess snacks are given out each month with their groceries.  Our goal is to see no child go to school hungry.

In addition to this, we run a second-hand store (the Sussex Sharing Shop) that is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC MONDAY TO FRIDAY, 10:00 AM TO 3:00 PM local time.

The money from our store pays our expenses and enables us to purchase any necessary food items needed monthly as well as start any new programs that would help our clients move ahead with their lives.